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The Beauty and their Sleep.

More sleep, better looks?

In the last 40 years, we have seen the rebirth of the importance of sleep, a movement in which, little by little, sleep has been understood as a critical element of our physical and mental health, and the benefits of sleeping well are increasingly known.

For this reason, now we frequently hear the term "Beauty Sleep," which refers to the sleep that is sought to maintain and improve our physical appearance. It has become popular because, in recent years, it has been understood that sleep affects various biological repair processes and slows down the ageing of people.

So, what are the processes through which sleep improves our appearance? Below, I present each of the detailed factors.

> Skin: fewer wrinkles & fewer blemishes!

When we sleep, we produce growth hormones and collagen. The first is responsible for repairing all the damaged skin during the day (due to exposure to sunlight and pollution). The second is in charge of keeping our skin elastic, preventing wrinkles from appearing.

Likewise, when we sleep well, the blood circulation in the face is held to the maximum, preventing dark circles from appearing. This is why a good night's sleep is essential to keep our skin looking fresh and young.

> Water handling: to avoid looking like balloons!

During sleep, a water redistribution process takes place, in which the body takes water to the driest areas and then eliminates the excess water. For this reason, in the morning, we feel lighter, less puffy, and we don't have bags under our eyes.

> Hair: Strong & Abundant!

Sleeping well is essential to keep our hair healthy. First of all, when we rest correctly, we become less stressed, and therefore our hair falls out less. Second, when we don't get enough sleep, hair follicles can't capture the necessary nutrients that hair needs to grow and stay strong. Thus, sleep is essential to maintain a good mane.

> Diet: for better nutrition.

This point is crucial for all those who like to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Sleeping well is essential to maintain our diet since we better regulate Leptima (a hormone that tells the brain we are hungry). Plus, it ensures that we adequately produce Ghrelin (a hormone that tells the brain when we are satiated). Therefore, when we sleep well, we feel less hungry and more satiated, making it easier for us to comply with a healthy diet.

> Better mood: More beautiful smiles!

Sleep not only makes us beautiful on the outside, but it also makes us beautiful on the inside! When we get enough sleep and have good quality sleep, we are less irritable, more patient, control our emotions better, and smile more. Therefore we look more attractive to others.


In conclusion, if you want to look better and be happier, you need good quality sleep. Without further ado, I wish you all SWEET DREAMS!



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