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Tips for a good quality sleep during the holidays.

December begins, and holidays are approaching, accompanied by family reunions, events, parties, and trips.

Indeed most are looking forward to these dates. However, it is not so easy for those with babies and small children since it implies that the routines of the little ones are altered, especially the sleep routines, and ... who wants to spend Christmas and New Years without being able to sleep at least a few hours?

For this reason, and to avoid sleep problems during the holidays, I will share some recommendations that can help you receive the new year fully rested.

> Routine, routine, routine!

This is perhaps one of the easiest things to keep during the holidays. The change of environment and daytime activities does not have to affect the sleep routine. Remember!… Sleep routines help children relax, slow down, and make it easier for them to fall asleep. However, if you think that the sleep routine is too long and challenging for you to do, use a short version of it. The rule of thumb is always to keep 80% of the routine and allow 20% variation.

> The environment is the key.

During the holidays, the sleeping environment changes, especially if you take a trip. That is why it is essential to pack familiar objects (stuffed animals, blankets, etc.) that make your children feel calm at night. In addition to this, it is crucial to take care of environmental factors such as temperature, darkness/lighting and noise, to avoid having these factors wake up your children.

When it comes to noise, white noise machines are always a good idea during parties, as they help mask sounds in the environment that they cannot control.

> Family can help!

During family gatherings, sleep routines and schedules are often affected because family members want to spend time with your kids. An excellent idea is to involve grandparents, uncles, and cousins ​​in the sleep routine. This way, they can spend more time with the kids without this affecting their sleep... and you (the parents) can relax a bit, and maybe even have a glass of wine.

> One extra nap is not bad.

Most likely, sleep schedules will be altered. For this reason, I recommend including an extra nap (which are usually done later in the afternoon). This will help you avoid overstimulated, irritable, and hard-to-put-asleep children. Additionally, naps can give you, parents, time to relax and/or make up for some sleep as well.

Those with slightly older children who do not nap can implement an hour of silence and relaxation. During this hour, children are offered relaxing activities to do independently (colouring, doing a puzzle, etc.). Thus, both children and parents have the opportunity to get some rest.

> It is essential to rest!

Sometimes, during the holidays, our schedules are more full than usual, either because we want to make up for all the time we haven't spent with our family or because we want to make the most of the exotic places we travel to. However, it is essential to remember that we must rest. A good tip is to leave one day free of activities after having two full days.

> New year, better habits.

Finally, I recommend that you return to regular routines and schedules as soon as you return home. This will allow you and your children to eliminate any unwanted habits developed during the holidays.


Without further ado, I can only wish you a fantastic holiday season and a Happy New Year!



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